What Is Café Tactiques?

Café Tactiques is a website dedicated to the tactical and analytical side of football/soccer. Posts will include scouting reports on specific teams, match reports, discussions of managers’ tactical philosophy, player and team data analysis, and anything else related to tactics or data within the beautiful game.

Café Tactiques is ambitious and is always looking to grow. Please get in touch with our founder, Ben, if you would like to write for the website.

Why “Café Tactiques”?

The name Café Tactiques conveys what this site aims to be like: a local café where you can grab a paper and read about soccer over your drink of choice. Further, the name pays homage to the many cafés in Vienna in the 1920s and 30s where the first tacticians of the game met to discuss the the growing sport. Many of the world’s best players and managers of the time frequented these cafés. A number of major tactical breakthroughs—such as an all-round center forward, center backs that push forward, and a fluid style of play—were first devised in Viennese cafés.